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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

missc mirror

I am staying at my moms all this week. It is so weird to sleep in my old room again, well empty room, with a few of my ancient paintings still hanging and some packed boxes of non important things, I never took in my move. My cat totally ignores me now that I have abandoned him with her. I guess I am no longer his alpha mommy!

jaggid snob

Mom and I went shopping last night just like old times. I forgot that when I go shopping with her, she pays for everything. She spoils me, I love it. I got new shoes, beige heels, bikini tops and hoodies. Afterwards when we got back to her place.. my sister Jill called an we talked on the phone for an hour, which we hardly ever do! She was making me laugh so hard about not wanting to be toothless an thats why shes getting a root canal to her tooth instead of it ripped out.. you just have to know my sister to get all this! Then she went on about my weight and that she cant believe we are only 10lbs difference now.. an that I don't look like Carrie.. and who am I really!.. she wants my secrets.

I have so many painting ideas, I can't contain myself. I dunno what to start on first. I keep jumping all over the place. oh and I got my personal website back up an running again.. however it needs lots of updates.. cause its super kinda outdated. =)


oh yes .. how can I forget.. I went Geocaching for the first time ever yesterday with some co-workers on le lunch break! =) Alexandra got stung by a wasp... an her ankle swelled up BIG TIMES!!

snap dragons

This photo is for you courtney.. and my mom.. and everyone that laughed at me at my party.
I am no longer ignorant.


Blogger Courtney said... were so funny with the snap dragons:P

6:42 PM  
Anonymous lkwinter said...

Moms like to pay, that's what they do!

Wasn't till seconds after I commented did I realize the bears were your bf's; I was correlating with your wolves I guess, so I after I realized, I walked away feeling like a clutz...

11:43 PM  

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