Barrie Weekend

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Home for less then a week and off again! Spent the weekend in Barrie with Giusi girl and her sister Care. Saturday we hung out at the only one mall in Barrie, Georgian Mall. Went to this really awesome store Bath & Body Works an bought super yummy smelling hand wash and lip balm. Cinnamon Mint!

That night we ended up at this bar with a dance floor called 55 Special! it was special all right. The mix of people was like a dating site for cougars and misfits! We had Elvis, Wolverine, the Spice Girls, grandpa, stripper wannabes.. you name it!

At one point in the night a girl came up to me and asked "Is your name Carrie?" with a puzzled look on my face, I replied "Yes" She asked again.. "Carrie Bloo...." and then I replied "Yes" again trying to figure out who she was and she replied.. "Its me Sandy" and OMG I hugged her two times! it was one of my best friends from grade 7,8 & 9 until well I dated someone an messed up our friendship an she moved to Oshawa an well none of that really matters now! So we chatted it up! It was so great to see her again. We danced like old times and are definitely going to get together over the summer :)

The weekend also included; painting nails, trivia pursuit, ps3, alarm clock on the bed, max snoring, slim pickings, minty lip gloss, Earl Grey tea time & no chocolate for Giusi!


Blogger Giusi. said...

There's other malls in Barrie.. lol. That's just their bigger one. hehehe

We totally have to do that weekend again. Just ...don't wear heels next time. BAhahahha..


10:23 AM  

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