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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nothing really intelligent to talk about... I'm tired.
I have sentence structure issues my teacher informs me.. oh and I can't forget wrong choice of words. I feel very discouraged to write now on my own personal blog and in class. We have 200 word writing assignments every week and a 30 minute time limit to finish it in. I on the other hand sit staring at my paper an the choice of the teachers topic for the first 15mins trying to even form ideas. Tonights writing piece subject was "Couples planning on getting married should/shouldn't take marriage preparation courses" well first off, how can the teacher expect us to write something on something we know nothing about? ahhh.. no wonder more then half this womans classes fail.

Party Packagers sucks the nuts out of any bag! this past weekend was total BS and some! These high school girls walk around the store like they are the cats ass, meanwhile one fucked up all my shit in the balloon dept.. an somehow I ended up working the FLOOR which makes Carrie MAD and I didnt even take lunch on Sat an had to remind my manager of the LABOUR BOARD cause I worked from 9am and at 4pm with NO LUNCH OR BREAK I decided I was going home to eat 2.5hours before my shift was done... an then he had the nerve to tell me he was going to dock me a half hour for lunch.. so I told him to just try it!!! the rage!!!

On a happier yet grueling 5 years paying off debt and having bad credit because Visa is smart by giving irresponsible eighteen year olds credit cards, I learned as of yesterday my credit history is clean and I'm allowed to start a new relationship with plastic cards again. They even gave me double the money I was granted the first time around, however what they don't know is I'm not as easily persuaded to spend like I was before. YAY ME!!

This coming weekend is my nephew Billys bday, he will be turning nine. I think I'm more excited about his bday then he is. The party theme is Army. I ordered a bunch of different shades of green and black balloons from work and I'm going to make his bday cake too all camouflage green icing with army plastic soldiers. I also got black candles, my sister all weird says "Carrie dont you think the black is bad luck?" HELL NO!! its going to be so much fun. What kid has an army party!! Billy is so lucky to have a cool aunt like me to plan this for him or else my sister would have been buying him some gay ass sponge bob cake from Dominion. The child loves army stuff.. give him army!!

well the next time I post will probably be next week sometime since I'm so busy trying to get ahead in life.. I will also have pics of the army cool bday ;)


Anonymous nery said...

Easy on the credit cards. I'm still digging myself out of debt. And it's only until now I've learned to pay off the balance. fuck paying 18 to 32% interest. Thats just fucken nuts

1:03 PM  

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