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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

So I'm sitting here thinking wtf.. I'm in one of my moods tonight.. which means its not safe to talk to me.. I'm feeling all pissy an insecure.. I dunno if its me PMSing or I need sleep.

Tonight was my first night of school and my class was grammar an sentence structure or some shit like that.. but grammar for sure. So as you can see I passed my CPT test last week which I don't know why I was so nervous to take since its a test basically for people that don't know English at all and there was tons of people failing that night I must add. Anyways I passed the test with flying colors, which even surprised me with all the slang I talk and have accustomed myself too.. anyways the woman who marked my test decided that my original class of grammar would be too easy and now has me in this class which I have no idea what's going on. Forget about getting to know the other students on the first night an going over the course outline.. the teacher jumped right into the lesson. She started us off with writing for an hour about "an effective worker" she then made us do a multiple choice 40 question sentence structure writing thing. To top it off.. the passing mark for the course credit is 60% and over an apparently most people just pass her class with a 60% -70%... now that doesnt make me feel any confidence since I still dont even know half the words she was using tonight an to pronounce them is a whole new language to me. hmmm I wonder if my writing style is going to change over the next four months.... I guess it will.. I must cut out my slang an Carrie made up words and write more correct... I mean I am 27 now an not 17.. and if I am not putting my new knowledge of writing into my personal stuff... then I'm not practicing my writing and this course will be somewhat of a waste... and I know one of the first things I have to stop doing which is a very bad habbit of mine and its this.... .... .... yes the dots!! the periods.... I love them an so does my pinky finger :)

eeek I just reminded myself I'm 27 again...


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