intoxicated BALLERS!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

was the word of the weekend.

A thug that has "made it" to the big time. Originally refered ball players that made it out of the streets to make millions as a pro ball player, but now is used to describe any thug that is living large.

1. "This Sh*t is baller"

This girl (moi) from the ghetto was living large this weekend @ her belated B-Day party. I havn't drank so much booze in ages. It all started friday.. dinner at Izakaya then Velvet Underground for a lil dancing and $2.50 drink!

Saturday was just chill chill chill..

Sunday was the complete Baller day down at the BALLER BEER FESTIVAL @ Fort York. They give you a glass at the door an away you go! I was hooked on the ICED drinks. Cause they look like diamonds in your cup an thats the only baller way to do it! bling bling!

stupid words said by yours truely
"I've got pussy fingers!"


Blogger Giusi. said...

HAHAHAHA pussy fingers. omg that was so funny FLMAO!

dood. yesterday was so fucking baller. iced drinks were the way to go. all the way. you got me and jeremy hooked on them too. thanks for teaching us your baller ways. word.

11:44 PM  

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