May 24..

Monday, May 21, 2007

so the weekend is almost over an I'm like what we just had a weekend?
I worked this weekend.. I painted this weekend.. talking about painting.. the mural is finished it just needs to be sealed. The school is going to be having some launch ceremony on June 5th and I am a wee bit excited. Parents.. teachers.. kids.. tee hee hee..

lets see.. my weekend.. Oh yes! Pauly made me pose for his "I officially hate Pauly" pics.. it was the first time i had seen him in a year.. and he still hasn't changed. We started to plan our duo bday bash and how were going to have a huge kick ass party an piss off all his thumb sucking neighbours.

This is the first year I won't be watching fireworks, I am kinda sad.. cause I love them like crazy. I get stupid excited for fireworks and lights, like a little kid. I will live.. Canada Day is around the corner an I will just catch them then.


Anonymous VanC said...

You've seen the best fireworks from the best viewpoint in Vancouver u can't be missing too much ;)

12:11 PM  

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