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Monday, October 01, 2007

I can't believe its already October 1st..


So the weekend didn't go exactly as planned or how I would have liked to have spent it and you know me.. something always happens or goes wrong. Friday night.. ? haha... there was no Friday night I got home from work at 7.. had a corona and a fajita an passed out on my couch by 8:30.

Up at 6am Saturday to start unpacking and cleaning. Last minute I cancelled out the clothing show and Nuit Blanche and BB cancelled out on his hockey weekend tournament. Which bugged us all day and made us real grumpy. We haven't spent any quality time together or with our friends the past two weeks doing what we want to do. As the day progressed we tried to divide an con cour by working in different rooms. We now have a living room floor again and a painted medicine vanity in the bathroom. I was out like a light at 9ish.

Sunday morning we thought okay lets clean Auzzie (BBs Cockatiel) up, clip his wings and nails so he can fly around without hurting him self. WRONG! he now hates us. We cleaned up his cage and then grooming him was just bloody awful which I will never do again. I held him down in a towel as he tried to bite me as BB clipped his nails.. then BB held him down as I trimmed his wings. We then let Auzzie loose to see one of this nails is clipped into his cuticle an hes bleeding. I burst out crying like "OMG the bird is going to die!!" Cockatiels are super sensitive.. they can die from just odours; perfume, toxins from teflon pans.. etc. we put him the bathroom sink an gave him a bird bath. After an hour of bleeding it finally stopped an I felt sick to my stomach.

More clean cleaning .. fun fun.. not not!! around 7 I think the day is slowing down and I am making lunch for work and BB decides lets have a fire.. well that backfired. Something is blocking the chimney.. cause the smoke from the fire comes back into our place an fills up the living room an dining room.. OMG THE FUCKIN BIRD!! I flip into a panic.. get him in the bedroom as the fire alarm goes off. Our neighbours have no idea what they are in for with me living next door. Now another hour of irritated eyes.. fans going.. and the place stinks like sour bonfire.


Anonymous gp said...

Cute cockatiel. During college I managed a pet store and did wing and nail clips daily. Definitely need to take your time. There's a product that you always keep on hand when clipping birds due to the potential disaster of bleeding out because of lack of blood coagulation. In pet stores it's called Kwik-Stop (spelled just like that..incorrectly). Basically antiseptic styptic powder similar to that used to stop shaving cuts from bleeding. On a positive note, be happy it wasn't one of the wings. That could have had far more dire results if left to bleed freely.Which, by the way, you never do. Good luck.

4:26 PM  
Blogger Vociferous Beauty said...

*ahem* sorry, but the fire thing was just funny!
I can totally picture it.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

Yeah, I have experienced the whole fireplace blockage before. Not fun at all. Sounds like you have been having a rough weekend :P Hope things pick up soon! Sure they will though.

10:06 PM  

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