Thursday, November 15, 2007

So last night was Le Ballet as previously mentioned.. I really enjoyed it. I dunno if I would pay $100 for a ticket.. but I would go to the ballet again. There was three mini stories. The second one was a bit of a yawn.. your classic ballet I guess, but the costumes were beautiful. The first show Glass Pieces made me think of a Gap commercial with all the different color outfits.. *yawn ok you can't obviously care cause you weren't there.

This morning on my haul ass across the 401 drive, there was an accident in the express around yonge street. I was stuck in the opposite flow of traffic that all came to a complete stop to watch the firemen rescue a man from a flipped car. *weak stomach* then it made me think of last Friday driving my mom over to my place in the rain an we seen this guy laying on the road who got hit by a car.. mom got the *weak stomach*

Oh and I also thought you might like to know I listen to the Dean Blundell show in the morning.. its beyond funny and one morning I will probably get into an accident myself from laughing so hard an not being able to find the break pedal. This morning some moron announced how he bangs his step-sister and shes pregnant.. but shes from the same father he tells moments later and Dean had to inform this MORON that, that is his HALFSISTER.. and stop now.. an don't have that poor baby.. ewww

My nephew is going to Cuba in Feb and I am a tad jealous. I have decided to not go away and buy a new brown leather couch.. Yay!..


Anonymous Scott said...

I still have never been to a ballet. Or an opera for that matter. I would love to one of these days though.

I've always been a nut for classical concerts and plays but I don't get to go all that much anymore. Makes it a bit difficult when you have an infant :P

1:30 AM  

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