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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I have this impacted wisdom tooth I went to see a specialist about 2 Mondays ago or so.. an the consultation was $150. I was suppose to have surgery the next day, actually they wanted me to and were pushing me to have surgery the next day to take out this tooth.. but at the end of the consultation the surgeon wanted to take out another tooth on top of that.. so I asked how much this would cost me.. $1500 dollars. I was like ARE YOU MENTAL? in my head of course. $1500 to take out two teeth plus $150 for you to tell me your are taking out two teeth. I have dental insurance.. but it only covers so much. plus I have to pay that money up front before I get my money back from insurance.. which I just can't do right now with having just moved. I sat in my car after the consultation thinking what a rip off... and a bit upset of how the dentist even spoke to me with pressure an urgency. Then I get a call from the financial Nazi officer of his office.. Patricia.. "Hello Carrie.. you were just here.. why didn't you pay us the $150." I was all confused.. what.. she was like "I am calling from my car phone.. can you call the office an give them your credit card number.." I was like "yeah sure".. and hung up. Well I didn't call the office back .. I thought wtf am I even paying $150 for.. they didn't do anything and I thought they were going to bill me.

Last night I am driving home and I'm cruising along on the hwy. My phone rings PRIVATE CALL and I never normally answer my phone to unknown numbers an I never get private call.. but I thought it might be BB from his new Blackberry. WRONG!! its
Patricia.. "Hello Carrie.. its Patricia calling.. you owe us $150 why haven't you paid it.. "
Me - oh sorry Patricia I am aware of that.. can you send me a bill and I will send you a check.. (cause I like paper trail)
Patricia - Well why can't you just give me your credit card number
Me - Well I am driving right now on the hwy
Patricia - I didn't ask you what you were doing, plus credit is easier and that's how you were going to pay
Me - (I thought what!@# did she just say that) Patricia.. I just said I am driving on the hwy I can't stick my hand down my purse an pull it out right now..
Patricia - Well when can you stick your hand down your purse an pull it out to pay me
Me - Patricia I hate to say this, but you are very rude and have no interpersonal skills.. actually let me put it in simpler terms for you PEOPLE SKILLS, your representing the doctor
--she interrupts me as I'm speaking
Patricia - Carrie I can say the same as you.. (I don't even know what she said here.. )
-- I interrupt her as she did to me.
Me - Your RUDE and I am driving
-- and then I hung up on her.. now I know I shouldn't have but I have never had a receptionist talk like that to me.. this place is just all about my credit card. It's like a money grab and I just couldn't believe how rude she was. I was stunned she was talking like this and I was polite until she was rude. After working all day an hour of traffic.. I was not going to take that unprofessional bull shit when I am well aware of the outstanding bill.


Anonymous Paul Sveda said...

Don't budge until they send you an invoice/bill for the outstanding amount and I wouldn't give anyone like that my credit card info.

12:08 PM  
Blogger St. Dickeybird said...

Don't you DARE give them your CC number!
If they're that rude, do you think they'll listen when they "accidentally" overcharge you?
Pay by cheque and make 'em wait for their money...

4:54 PM  
Anonymous Scott said...

Wow, what an unbelievable bitch.

Well, if you think positively I guess you can assume they wont have much of a customer base at this rate.

4:36 AM  

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