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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

I should have had a coffee this morning.. but I went for a healthy herbal green tea instead. I am so stupid tired today. I blame the rain. Someones having lunch at starbucks today!

All the radio stations this morning were blah blah Britney Britney lost her kids on my drive into work. Neither of those two should have the kids. Thank gosh for the Edge, 3 guys talking about woman's cycles at 8am is pretty funny.. they discussed how commercials for the curse display woman horse back riding and swimming laughing having the time of their lives are false advertising. Which I totally agree. It should really be woman all bitchy and complaining sitting on the couch eating chocolate in their fat pants... come on woman?? how many of us go swimming and horse back riding that time of the month.. or just in general.. that's what I thought! I think it would be hilarious to see a commercial like that. Probably couldn't pull it off here in North America... but for sure in Europe!


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