hey loner!

Sunday, November 04, 2007

I have four blogs .. 3 I use.. omissco is my primary one I write in..on. One of my other one's which I have private for random thoughts an shit makes no sense to anyone.. not even myself sometimes when I go back an read it. Its an overload of moments in time, thoughts, feelings, people and my secrets. As open as I can be.. I have always been a bit mysterious to people and they just don't seem to get me. They make there own assumptions and judgements. anyways.. tonight's private posting I thought I would go public.


I sat and I pondered and I knew it was time for change. I stared at the screen an wondered. alone. was it right.. I dunno, but I did it. times running out and I want more. hey loner!

I typed and I typed until my fingers were worthless. I miss the days when we use to play.. I was convinced hiding was the only way.. i see i saved myself from summer salts down the hill in the summer sun. grass stuck to my jeans like the multi colored sprinkles on my ice cream cone. I knew you wouldn't understand. so very sweet. so very fast. so very over. your digest but not extracted.

running down and over my fingers your not so appetizing anymore. you get ditched an thrown on the concrete floor. hey loner! I was a fool .. but not no more.


Anonymous Scott said...

I can't read the back story, but I kind of like the fact that I can't. It let's my mind fill in the details.

Very, very nice passage.

12:24 AM  

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