today feels like a blue monday

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

gmail garbage
I love these emails.. work is golden! I feel bad for the woman that cleans this crap up at work.. its so not her job.

I finally used my ebay account today after a year of having it. I only have watchers on my items for sale so far, no bidders. Being a newbie I am sure everyone is going to be afraid to bid on my items with no selling history. Learning one of my co-workers sold our free Canadian magazine, to someone in the US for $50 because it had Twilight on the cover made my jaw drop! so she hooked me up with a write up about our December issue with Jim Carrey on the cover and will see what it sells for, or anything at all for that matter. Twilight is bigger then I realized and the tweens are uber drooling over the movie and books. *gags* I guess that was me tho with NKOTB .. so I will shut up now. I love being all adult now. Yay!


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