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Monday, January 05, 2009

 school goofing off
Yesterday I was asked what the greatest/worst things of 08 were for me.

1. Hands down my birthday weekend bash with my most favorite people in the world! Turning 30 and being sober was a smash.. and thats not sarcasm! seriously!!
2. Having connected with friends I never thought would be back in my life again (Sandy and Jennifer especially). I would like to thank Facebook for making it all possible!
3. Losing 30lbs and keeping it off.
4. My moms 75th birthday party
5. Sandy asking me to be a bridesmaid in her wedding next year! I am stoked!
6. Buying the leather couch I have always wanted.
7. Square Foot

 school goofing off

1. The scare of almost losing my mother again.
Seeing her in such a state/pain still haunts me.
2. The loss of Trisha.
2. 45mins of squirming panic as my impacted wisdom tooth had to be broken into 3 parts to be removed.
3. Allergies to all the things I love. Strawberries.. booze.. wine.. red peppers.. I can't list it all, as I can taste the love of food in my mouth.


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