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Thursday, December 18, 2008

missc model - A. Farber Partners Photo Shoot
Last week a co-worker said her friend was looking for a model for a photo shoot for A. Farber & Partners and wanted to send in my picture. She thinks I look like Evangeline Lilly from Lost! I was like alright whatever, not even thinking I would get picked. Sure enough the phone rings and I am picked. Tues night I was so nervous packing clothes into my suitcase, thinking oh god what did I get myself into! I barely slept..

missc model - A. Farber Partners Photo Shoot
Tuesday morning I arrive nice an early.. there was lots of free yummie breakfast muffins an bagels, Yum! Everyone was really friendly.. Sunny the director of the shoot kept calling me "marvelous, your just marvelous darling" but I'm sure he says that to everyone! into hair and make up.. hair was not fun! I was told to wear my hair curly but when I got there they decided they wanted it straight to make me look older since I would be playing a wife of a middle aged couple. So the stylist tried brushing my curly hair with product in it. Hurt like hell! then she started riping at it with the straightener.. and then I had to say.. HEY!!.. she learned quickly of how protective I was of my hair after it was falling out. Make-up was quickly applied an then me and some assistant went through my clothes. My husband for a day showed up for the shoot an we made some small talk. We wore fake wedding bands.. and mine kept falling off, I told him we weren't meant to be! he didn't have much of a personality.

missc model - A. Farber Partners Photo Shoot
We did 4 different shoots in total. We were told to cozy up! lol yeah thats just so easy to do with a stranger. So I put my head into acting gear and I just latched on an smiled! to only notice a boozy odor. After the first set he realized of his own boozy body odor an said he was sorry an that he was partying last night. Ugh.. so gross.. by the 3rd set it was getting hot under the lights an wearing winter attire as they were shoots for outside. We then had wardrobe changes and make up touch ups an free lunch. The last shoot was quick and a relief as I was getting antsy working with someone else. They kept telling him to smile and loosen up.. mean while he came from an agency an has done this many times before.. and me being the first timer, I was just marvelous =)

If they only knew the anxiety I was really feeling.. I can't wait to see the finial pics in a couple months after they photochop the shit out of them.. apparently I am going to be on a billboard. thats gonna be really weird to see.. I will pee myself when I see it!! or I will drive off the road if I am driving!

I spent the night trying to stay awake at the Raptors game with my work peeps!


Anonymous lkwinter said...

yeah but you are soo worth it!

have I not been telling you all year?

anyway, that guy can't relax because it's hard to relax with a hangover, maybe he should've just drank some more, haha, sorry you had to go through that, but ya did great, you look sensational!

4:43 PM  
Blogger Kerly said...

Hey sexy, I made you a post ;)
I hope it gives you energy to go through the hectic Christmas week.
Or maybe you are the one who's all okay with that rush, like me. Cool.
Maybe a smile, then? :)

4:29 PM  

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