Thursday, December 11, 2008

missc fast car
Four weeks today and I will be going on vacation~.. yet it seems so far away. I am annoyed .. frustrated.. in a hurry. Its Thursday and I swear you said you would call Tuesday. Now I have to call tomorrow. I hate setting myself up for disappointment. My mother always says.. "If it wasn't meant to be.. then it wasn't meant to be" I hate that line yet I use it myself when its not me the one wanting something to be. if that makes any sense.

I get my new glasses tomorrow. I'm excited to be able to see again!

Today I came across a photo.. and realized its been two years now that I haven't dyed my hair since.. well it fell out from bleach. It will take another year to get it back to the length it was at. Its the healthiest its been since before I was 14 an learned of hair dye, bleach, krimpers, straighteners.. etc. before and afters shall we.. haha.. me rocken the orange.. and lots of jokes =)

missc before
new hairstyle - not by choice

new hairstyle - not by choice


Blogger Scott said...

Yeah, being able to see again is typically a good thing :P

8:32 PM  

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