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Monday, December 01, 2008

Last week.. I don't recall which day. Wednesday lets say.. yeah Wednesday I was meeting up with Jen and Sandy for some Starbucks (my boring boiled milk now) and I get at text around 5 from Sandy saying.. "Can you pick me up first? I need to talk to you in private" I am thinking OH GOD! now what.. did I do something.. not do something.. her an Paul have a fight.. all these things running through my head. So I get to her place and I'm all curious of whats up.. but I don't bring it up cause her moms there, so I think to myself I will wait till we leave. I come out of the rest room before we leave an there is this gift bag on the table an shes all "OPEN IT" and I'm all "DUH, what is this.. its not my bday or anything" and surprisee.. its a tank tee with jewels spelling the word
"BRIDESMAID" I was all in shock cause as you know.. me an Sandy just reconnected our friendship this past year again after like 8 years, so I didn't think I would get honored with being in her bridal party. I am sooo excited. I have never been in a wedding party. I also didnt know all the work or what bridesmaids really do until I googled bridesmaids 101.. tee hee hee.. I'm super stoked!


Anonymous lkwinter said...

you better post lotsa pics, oh, and I heard if you catch the brides's're next!

hope you have lots of fun, and bring the video camera because receptions are famous for people doing crazy stuff and falling from all that champagne...

11:40 PM  

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