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Monday, December 01, 2008

So I mentioned I made an ebay account right.. yeahh.. I posted this necklace I have.. or now I'm thinking did have because I can't find it. SHIT!!! the auction ends today.. and I ripped my place apart last night looking for it since someone bought the damn thing.. just my luck right! Can't find the thing anywhere.. unless its still at my moms packed but I highly doubt it! cause I am pretty sure I packed all my jewelery.

So in the panic of searching for this stupid necklace, I found my NEVER USED.. The Original Hello Kitty Massage Vibrator. In Hong Kong they call it a shoulder massage, but like come on who are we kidding here. I don't even know were it came from honestly if it was a gift.. or I bought it cause I thought it was cute.. I have no idea.. and the thought of hello kitty near any woman's real kitty area just seems sooo wrong! I think I'm going to sell the Hello Kitty Vibe on ebay!

update: Found the necklace..! whoa!


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