Yay! Chaos!

Friday, January 23, 2009

(SO WINDY.. I love the wind! I was a little girl out on the beach that morning)

So I am back to my life. I am back to CHAOS! snow, no sleep, work, 401 hell and anxiety. This week has been over the top insane and my brain is all over the place. So all over the place I messed up my school dates. I thought I started end of March an I start Feb 21st. So my weekends are gone as of then. Cake baker Carrie coming right up! I think thats the only thing I am excited about in my life right now, well really looking forward too. I waste hours and hours on the net looking at cakes. My sister is turning 50 next weekend and I want to make a special cake for her. I wish I had started these classes back in sept but too much was going on. This cake will be made out of love and no training.. hehe. she loves anything with icing so I am not worried.

(mmm I love burgers! let me tell you how much! not really when its not real burger,
I dunno what the hell it was)

I lost another 5lbs. I am not sure if thats a good thing. I am now 139lbs. I eat like a freaking PIG!! I think it was just the trip that made me lose the weight. I had challenges with the food.. and many allergy encounters. However, I thought I would have gained with the burger and fries I ate everyday! maybe it was all my nerves. Flying home was horrible. There was a huge storm that day out in the ocean. It was turbulence I had never experienced before and I swore up an down, left an right on that flight I would never fly again! but that was just a total lie an my anxiety speaking for me. but still. I was freaked out. ( Cuba was actually cold the last 3 days, end of October weather, good thing I brought a sweater!)

(TONS of little silver fish were swimming past me and
I was kinda like "yeahhh, okay I'm in a school of fishes")

I miss the sand, sun, fun, sleep, swimming, Spanish, and stars. How fast it all passed.


Blogger Morbid Angel said...

Cool Pics... The place you went in Cuba looks beautiful. (Better than Hoguin)

Plus, I eat a lot of burger and fries... I'm skinny!

8:05 AM  

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