pay day Thursday

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Every other Thursday means one thing to me.. PAY DAY! however today was a surprise pay day, and everyone loves surprises.. especially ones that involve money during these tough times. MISSC GOT A RAISE!!!.. I had to double check my bank account again! come on.. who is playing this early April fools prank!! I was even complaining last night how much this year has been sucking and not going great. I should complain more. I am so excited like a kid with candy. This has perked up my day as I have been initiating at work for some time that I want would like a raise. ahem. *Pat myself on the back*

Okay I will stop gloating now...weee!!... get back to work!!


Blogger Phil said...

Ahhh I envy you. I would kill for a pay rise. Wanna go halves?

3:07 AM  

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