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Friday, February 13, 2009


The past two weeks have been working, working late, working more, driving, sunsets, snowstorms, sleeping, not sleeping, semi eating, binge eating, working some more, driving some more, sick, sore shoulder from sickness? I still haven't figured that one out.. but my sister & mimi have also been experiencing the sore shoulder sickness.. strange I must say.

I am so happy it is long weekend. I am taking my sweet ass home to bed tonight to catch up on the sleep I lost last night. My Carbon Monoxide alarm decided to go off in the night an scare the crapper out of me. I panicked and opened the window... thinking its odorless I wonder how much I have ingested.. am I feeling sleepy cause there is carbon monoxide in my lungs and house.. or am I just half asleep.. then to my conclusion it was only the battery giving warning that it is dying. whoosh!..


I am for some reason fascinated with the weather lately. Perhaps because its been all over the place. I am taking a different emotion on when seeing sunsets lately. I use to get really depressed with the thought the day is over, and now I am just enjoying them as I drive into them on my way home from work. The days are getting longer. Joyous!


Okay so its Valentines tomorrow right. whatever right. big deal right?. Right.. so I stupid.. fell into buying something semi valentine for myself. limited nail polish by OPI. wasted $10. does not look like the poster girls nails when applied, in fact it was so hard to get the hearts out of the bottle I was lucky to get one out an stuck to my thumb. lets just say wasted deceiving mess on my nails right now. Ugh, I am such a sucker for girly cute things.


I so wanna try some of these foods. I know disgusting! but yummie.. but sickning, but I am sure you will find something you wanna try too..

Sloppy joes on a krispy my pick!


Anonymous lkwinter said...

I had to do a double take on the donut sandwich, can't tell if that looks good or gross..

Carbon Monoxide story, scary..

Whoever you made that valentine pic for up there, what a lucky person..

10:15 PM  

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