Monday, January 26, 2009

my weekend was as follows;

Friday: right after work I hit the gym.. came home made me self some din din. Watched dirty dancing then some comedy.. then I pushed it staying up past my bedtime to watch THE CHALLENGE (cake designs) on the foodnetwork. I was so unimpressed with the designs. These are top designers given a theme (Baby Shower) for $10,000. The winners piping work was amazing.. but like seriously, nothing said baby shower to me. Only one challenger did a baby theme.. the others did what looked like gift boxes stacked on top of one another. Lets not even talk about this no more..I dunno why it frustrates me the way it does. next!!

Saturday morning I woke up to watch Dirty Dancing again.. cause it was on again! my place was freezing an I had nothing better to do. Everything frustrated me for some reason this weekend. I went food shopping an it was like everyone was hanging out in the dairy section.. I started thinking about ramming my cart into the back of everyone legs. You know that surprised pissed feeling you get when you get hit from behind with a cart an your ankle gets caught under the bottom.. yeah that one, its happened to everyone. I started picturing peoples faces and me saying "oh sorry. I'm so sorry" but that didn't happen, cause I didn't do it.

At night I went to Dominique Bingo Bday party. I can't recall the last time I went out on a Saturday night. I love that bingo halls are smoke free. I use to walk out red eyed an coughing when I use to go with my family back in the days!.. I think thats why I stopped going, all the smokers! I think I am going to start going to bingo more often. Damn! you would think I am a 50yrs lady .. not 30!


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