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Thursday, April 22, 2010

First off.. Happy Earth Day!! check out this site I got to do for workies! :)

April has been uneventful! I have worked the last eighteen days straight! I am exhausted an burning out! and when I say worked I don't mean no 9-5 oh I'm so tired BullShit I hear people complain about.. I mean 8-8 ... 8-10 shifts! Tomorrow at five I am finally taking a break! turning my phone off this weekend an dissolving into myself! my selfish self!

I have exhausted saying this the past couple of years.. "I hate my car!" & "I am selling my car!" but now it has come to an end. My car car is bye bye in the next 3 months! It has been falling apart on me left right and center the last half year! This past Monday I took her in for some "more work then expected" and it failed safety on two accounts. So shes up for sale as is! For my birthday all I want is a bmw :) whaaaat, I'm not asking for too much! ok I better motor back to working since its not tomorrow 5pm yet!


Blogger Giusi. said...

good luck with that. i hear they look really hawt with baby seats in the back ;D

that sucks that yer super overworked. and BALLS too. i can't wait for a REAL vacation. but i'm glad i finally have some downtime for now. long weekends all summer long. :))))

more time for lime cheese cake ice cream. seriously.. you make me addicted to bad bad things girl.
i hate you. ahhaha <3

8:54 PM  
Blogger Giusi. said...

btw... on yer ocean's page.. where it says "click here for more trivia".. you can't actually click it. it does nothing.
: ((

11:16 PM  

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