seven days since surgery!

Monday, April 05, 2010

I can say it!! I got through last month and what a long insane month it was!

It's been seven days since my surgery! I've showed off my wound to a few who all say it looks great! But today to me it looks lumpy! And not healing right! It's crazy bruised purple an yellow! I wonder what makes it yellow? Must research bruises.

So my surgery was considered standard procedures for my lumpectomy, however it didn't feel standard. I didn't like the staying awake part with just a local freezing! They could have given me a relaxer or iv sedation! Anything!

The surgery!
9:30 I registered and at 9:55 I was called into this mini operating room, laid on this cozy clinical sterile bed. The surgeon starts laying these mini blue blankets on me and a nurse joins her. I am feeling kinda warm an let her know! Nerves I tell myself! The surgeon says most people are cold before surgery and is very surprised I am not cold since I'm anemic! The surgeon then tells me she will tell me everything she is going to do to me as she feels around for my lump! Next thing I know I feel this wicked sting and feel faint!fade to black faint! As she sticks the biggest needle to mankind in me, and I'm taking in this burning stinging penetrating needle injection! I start to hyperventilate!! The nurse puts cold clothes on me as I say "hey that really hurts! I thought you were going to tell me, count to three or something!" the surgeon then apologizes remembering she told me she was going to tell me anything she does to me first!

She immediately starts exacto knifing away into my flesh! after the needle I feel things going on .. Mostly pressure! I'm talking to the nurse who put the cold clothes on me about how tweens just don't know how to communicate these days and it's disgusting how texting an facebook are peoples lives an source of communication! For a moment I even forgot I was in the middle of surgery until I felt some like scissors cutting me an my legs bounced up an I let out a yelp! "Thaaaaat hurts!" The surgeon asked me "you felt that?" "Yes!!!!!" I wanted to faint again! A couple more needles! However the lump was further then she realized she explained an now I couldn't calm down from that cutting pain! The nurse had to call another nurse in to hold my feet down! the room went quiet.

I was irritable & pissy now!
An the surgeon was annoyed I could tell. I am sure she felt bad too!

Even putting in the suturas I could feel it and reminded her she didn't freeze me that well!! I'm not so sure how many stitches as there is inside stitches too! Honestly it looks like she sewed me cause the stitches aren't hanging out like regular ones! eww

After I was all sewed up an in my state of shock the surgeon asks if I would like to see the lump!! Are you kidding me!! I am shaking, in shock an you want me to look at some bleedly blobby lump you just knifed cut out of me!! The nurse who held my legs says well at least you didn't cry! Cry!! I'm too in shock to cry! I've got amazing pain tolerance!! Remember my finger slammed in the car door! amazing!

The nurse got me orange juice! An told me to sit for a few minutes.. 10:20! Twenty minutes I laid there! It felt like two hours! But it was all over now I thought! This other random nurse walks in while I'm topless an looks at me and all I could think to say was "BOOB SHOW" don't even ask my why I said it! I thought it was funny!

No working out
No heavy lifting
No bras
No nadda

They didn't even give me pain killers!! Barbaric my sister called this whole surgery! But brave I was to get it done! I rather this then cancer, I reminded her! Fingers crossed for Wednesday morning and back to the hospital!

Photos from better moments in March!


Anonymous Carly-Anne said...

I'm glad it went ok. You're super brave.

The cake you made for Raymi's b-day was so scrumptious I was tempted to eat the whole thing! You're amazing.

8:35 PM  
Anonymous lkwinter said...

I'm glad you got through; I''ve been following along (though you probably didn't know), and hoped you would post something--though the part about being awake and feeling it...sounded a little scary.

I hope you're feeling better.

12:17 AM  

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