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Thursday, July 01, 2010


I can't believe how fast June has come and gone, this entire year to be honest. I already have people asking me what I will be doing for my birthday and I have been responding with "nothing at all". I have a wedding to attend that weekend. My birthday is on the Sunday. After last years mess, emotions, and lies, the thought of my birthday is just a reminder of last years miserable summer..and the months that followed. Last year is also on my top 3 years of life I would love to BLOCK DELETE from my memory. I shouldn't be so bitter tho, it truly did teach me a lot of things about people you think you know and what I want and don't want in my life anymore. Maybe I should be thanking these people because they actually taught me about myself if I look at it in a different light.

This cancer walk I'm doing for example too is showing me a lot about human compassion an lack of.. plus politics I won't even touch upon today. I had a convo with a stranger (talking to complete strangers a lot lately) about asking for donations an what you learn about people an what they believe in (not just the cause). Who you think will support you.. an they really don't, an people who you would never even think to ask to support you, end up giving you the most support or unexpected support. Without details a so called "friend" said they would be by my side and well weren't, complete stranger to the rescue. Fascinating!

I am more passionate about life now then I have ever been.

On other notes, I gots me a sexy new laptop this week. The tower died. New benefits kick in today at work, and I am going to get me a new pair of glasses again! since mine went bye byes last summer in all the wonderful events! being blind isn't fun! My car is about to kick it too! I could put money in it an save it.. but I think its time for a 30s car with new memories :) Indy was so my 20s! I really don't fancy the color of my car anymore or the dent in the back hatch from my ex! seriously!

I got to see Twilight Eclipse the other night at a special screening. I am not a Twi-hard, but have read the first two books cause of hype and seen the movies cause of work. Eclipse is the best one so far! more lurv.. more vampires.. more action :)
the movie also has this hottie in it.. Jack Huston *ring the alarm!* He plays a douche bag character for about 3mins of the movie. as you can see Rob an Taylor aren't my type.

Off to the races now literally to spend my brothers Canada day birthday gambling :)

PS thank the strangers in my building that don't know how to lock their network connection for this post.


Blogger Giusi. said...

aww this wasn't so bad. you could've went down an entirely different route. good post. hehehe
: ))))

hooray for new laptops and free internet

*locks my wireless*
Bahahah <3

10:44 AM  

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