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Thursday, November 10, 2005

So yeah.. I can be lame.. I adopted an online pet.
Kitty is just soooo cute.. an he purrs when you click on him. :)
Scroll down to the right...

So I have been looking in the mirror again.. ahh this is sooo me..

After all this time and as much as the doctor told me while gripping hard onto fat he pulled from the back of my arm "Carrie you should lose weight" I just don't see it happening.. I mean it hasn't happened in the past 5 years and some.. so ... plus then I would have to have money to buy all new clothes.. fuck has anyone seen my closets.. for get my two closets.. the floor or anywhere I can put clothes in my confined room of clutter.

I think I want to do something crazy to my hair.. I like really like these.. however I think I will feel a lil awkward walking into church every monday night now... oh an my bfs mother will be like.. "what did you do to your hair?" 2x worse then when I put a lil fuchsia in it.

either that or going to FIRST CHOICE to get my hair cut.. I just want something new.. I dunno if its because I am frustrated in my life or I really just can't stand my hair. Plus how bad can that place really be.. I mean those people have jobs.. they did get training in school.. plus my friend Kellys hair hasn't fallen out yet.. its actually more healthier then mine right now.


Blogger Rach said...

OMG you have graphically desgined my ass and me looking at my ass in the mirror.
Where's the hiden camera in here???

2:23 PM  

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