Riviera Maya, MEXICO

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

So I made it to Mexico and back last week.. alive!! My first plane trip!!!

I dunno what I was so afraid about flying.. I really enjoyed flying an I feel like such a pussy now.. however I don't like take off at all.. I like the landing an negative Gs.

Things I experienced for the first time
-flying in a plane
-walk through the jungle
-swimming in caves
-climbed a pyramid (halfway was too tired)
-seen palm trees
-triangle bikini tittie tan


Blogger kerly said...

Heheheee, congrats on flying for the first time...I have been flying a lot compared to average Estonian :P and no problems with that...but hey, probably I am going to fly with a small plane which will make some rounds over my hometown and I can take photos from a birds-eye view...uh, let's hope I can manage with that, as first thing is to survive flying on a small plane :O

Besides flying I have seen palm trees for the first time, when I went to Barcelona, Spain.

9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mexico is over rated

2:48 PM  

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