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Monday, September 11, 2006

DO NOT GO TO THE DRIVE-IN AFTER LABOUR DAY AN THINK YOU CAN SIT OUTSIDE.. its just tooo cold.. we watched invincible, the football movie.. ya.. I HATE FOOTBALL.. did you know that.. let me tell you one more time.. I HATE FOOTBALL. lucky for Mark Walberg an his ok cuteness, I watched the movie.. but I was really there to see CRANK. Hello!! Jason Statham!! that movie was non-stop adrenaline.. literally. the movie never stops it's on the go from start to finish. lots of action.. I enjoyed it very much!

The mural is coming along slowly.. I should have some progress photos soon.. its a lot more then what I thought it was going to be initially.

I have some job interviews coming up.. *cross fingers*

and I signed up for a class today .. I just couldn't take it anymore.. all you school going cool kids.. I had to be like you. Its only one day a week.. portfolio building. I know I am all over the place with school.. last year medical, this year back with the art.. MAKE UP YOUR MIND ALREADY CARRIE

So I just got a call as I was typing this.. I am an extra tomorrow for some movie.. working all night at a club.. they told me to bring my tooth brush! fun fun!


Blogger Giusi. said...

that's awesome : )))

what movie?

what class?

sounds like you have lots going on right now. awesome <3 : )

i'll cross my fingers for you with yer job interviews <3

10:48 PM  
Blogger missc said...

Giusi.. you have soo much going on, not me.. miss school, soccer, plays, work and a party to plan :P

the class is building my portfolio.. yep im back in art.. my calling..

the movie .. I have no idea.. they don't tell you until your there.. an who's in it.. so we don't get all excited an retarded.. like school girls seeing cute boys at the mall..

11:31 PM  

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