September tings!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Things going on in Sept:

I am in the midst of ripping my room apart looking for my Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets. I have misplaced them an I want to cry an then die. Can you imagine if I had waited till concert night to find them.. thinking that they are in the "IMPORTANT SPOT" of my room. Well they aren't in the "IMPORTANT SPOT" so now I'm freaking out.. and I can't remember back to that sleepy morning when I bought them, except that I was so sleepy an came home an passed out.

I've also lost my domain.. and the person wants me to pay like $175 for it back.. I was like screw you! so I am thinking of buying a new domain for my artwork and tings!

On a better note, I am going to be painting a mural in an elementary school down the street from my house. I am nervous. Whenever I do big paintings for other people, I always get these sick an twisted knots in my stomach until the painting is complete. The mural will be my biggest one yet 10 x 16 feet.

School - I will not be returning this year into my medical program, as my funds are a lil low. I was thinking of maybe taking one class.. but in design.. or just something to get me out of the house once a week thats less pricey.


Blogger kerly said...

Carrie, I like your new layout. That photo of you is sexy. How you can be so hot :?

Congrats on getting that offer for paining a mural. Just confide in yourself and things will turn out great.

12:56 PM  

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