Saturday, June 09, 2007

I feel like I have been high all week on cloud nine with my life turning around and moving forward. To think it was only months ago and half of last year where no one understood half my battles and what I was really going threw. I jumped from job to job.. was really indecisive and made some spur of the moment decisions. but as momma always says.. "Things will be cleaned out in the wash"

I now have and am grateful for;
-someone who brings out the best in me..
-amazing friends that listened to my shit an still do..
-an amazing job..
-a home to call my own in Sept - back to mississauga I am moving..
and I'm debating a new car.. since my car carries luggage I don't want anymore.
oh and I am also a co-signer on someones *ahem* breast implants.. OMG I can't believe shes getting them, I so better be the first one to touch them.. lol.


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