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Saturday, June 23, 2007

I've been critical about blogging lately.. i feel like i can't even express myself on my own blog cause people are so judgemental its pathetic.

anyways.. I went to Ontario place today with some free passes I got.. actually I have been getting a lot of things free lately and its GREAT! movies.. circus .. an now today Ontario place. Ontario place actually sucks if your not 12 an under.. but like I said.. it was free! all you can do with that is make the best of it and keep an open personality all day.. Banana and I watched a Lion movie on the IMAX which was kinda cool... oogled at the cute kids.. thanked the lord we didn't have kids when they were screaming an taking fits.. grabbed healthy food in the restaurant.. mmm stir fry!.. I have been boozeless all week! Kudos to me.

Thursday the school I painted at had this huge BBQ an the principal got me to stand up an give a few words.. I was so nervous.. I hate all kinds of attention like that especially in front of 100 kids an there parents. I went totally blank holding the mic but i managed to say thank you!.. I could never be famous.

I am going to try and sleep in tomorrow. its on my list of things to do. as well as post more pics for Tony... pay some parking tickets.. finish a martini paintitng.. and find things for my junk garage sale.


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