Wednesday, November 21, 2007

what a bleh day!! this is when I wish I wasn't so fortunate to have an office with a window. I don't want to see it raining outside.. however.. I know I shouldn't complain because if it was nice out.. I would feel like I am missing out on something. Something like the SUN!!.. cold coronas.. sand.. etc..

Last night I slept at my moms .. I forgot how hard my old bed was.. ugh. my old room is so empty an cold now. my mom is the best.. she was so excited I was staying over that she tried to tuck me in like when I was a little girl.. and I was like what are you doing!! shes like I just want you to be warm as shes basically putting the blanket over my head. Jaggid also was excited.. he stuck his furry ass in my face purring.. snuggled into my armpit an feel asleep like old times.. I miss kitty.


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