opps... err.. pfft.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Okay I apologize.. I never got to taking photos this weekend of things I'm selling cause I was busy yesterday yelling at the ARGOs all day for sucking ... an sucking!! and wasting my 1/2 price ticket money an sucking some more..!! like were you guys all asleep yesterday!! Also, I love Toronto's idea of a tail gate party.. Americans would laugh at us.. its a cheap fence boxed in lil beer area outside the Dome..Pardon me.. Rogers Center. I should have just went and watched the Santa parade!

I fell asleep last night to Walk The Line.. finally I know. I got a list a mile long of movies I want to watch.

I am going to start my xmas shopping this weekend as the next 3 weekends after are booked with family parties/gatherings and then xmas.. I have no idea what to get anyone.. I hate the pressure of gifts.


Blogger kerly said...

See the gifts never should come by pressure...but naturally and therefore it is easier to get them.

6:54 AM  

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