sleeping by your water dish broke my heart

Monday, July 05, 2010

I had some happy fun photos to post from the Canada Day weekend festivities.. but my heart is ripped to shreds right now over Jaggid. Last Tuesday he started vomiting, which I thought was his regular fur ball throat event, so I let it slide. As the week went on an into the weekend his behaviour changed and he was bringing up more fluids.

Jaggid stopped eating, stopped following me around the house, and wouldn't move from sleeping beside his water bowl, which he would only stare at and not drink from. I spent the entire morning at the animal hospital in tears. He has blockage in his bowls an may need surgery. *fingers crossed* The hospital showed me around an took me down to the cage they were going to set him up in on an IV. He was so sad, an started crying when I put him in the cage, I gave him some kisses an behind the ear scratches.

The cost is more then I imagined. $1500 just for today and anywhere from $400 - $600 each following day he is in getting care. If he has to have surgery I dunno what I am going to do for $$$. Hopefully they can get him back on track in the next few days with some enemas and fluids. Thank gosh I held off on buying a new Jetta on Saturday... *tears roll*


Blogger Giusi. said...

i'm keeping my fingers crossed real tight for him.

8:40 PM  

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