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Sunday, December 04, 2005

errr... I hate leaving so many days in between things to post.. Poo on my busy life x2

So Thursday night.. The 3 C's went to the Depeche Mode concert (courto kills carrie for posting this picture.. cause I always post shitty pics of her)

Earlier that morning I was in one of my moods not even in the mood for the concert.. me being negative me. I get down to the concert and Carla stuffs my cam in her boot cause I was so not stuffing it up my coochie an walking into the place like I just got gang banged in the parking lot by scalpers. Courto then gets hassled by the beer man.. and is rejected cause her id is expired. I end up being her guardian and buying her boozy. We were all fascinated with the beer sippy cups, since there is no visible hole that you are drinking from.

Anyways.. the concert begins an we all start screaming in our wet panties like lil school girls.. especially Carla.. being the main screamer!

Dmode so kicked ass compared to the other concerts I went too this past year.. especially U2.. an its hard for me to say that since U2 has always been one of my favorite bands.. but u2 just aren't what they use to be, and I was disappointed after there concert.. they were putting my beer buzz on a downer.. even Mick Jagger in Rolling Stones still has it going on, flip floppin his ass around the stage.. whats going on Bono.. whats going on? get out of the politics maybe.. especially Canada's an go back to what you use to be great at.. MUSIC!!


Blogger Courtney said...

I think I am okay with that one cuz Carla looks like a deer caught in the headlights. It's the other one I could kill you for...ahem. No further comments.

2:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:55 AM  

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