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Friday, December 09, 2005

So I am trying again.. losing weight that is. Actually no.. this time I am doing it once and for all. I have Roy my new trainer.. thanks nery for introducing moi. Roys going to contact my chiro Ken Kinakin to put my back straight once and for all.. and I just joined this site www.fitday.com to help me along with my goals. This site is free and has all the info you need to know on nutrition for your body. I say it like that cause its all about you an your personal goals/lifestyle. anyways I am all excited.

My current weight is 176pds. My goal is to lose 26pds for July 1, 2006, and I have 29 weeks to do it in. Roy think this part will be no problem.. its the muscle thats going to take me about a year to do.. which I agreed, since I have a retarded messed up rib that likes to come out and play I don't want to be in the socket I belong in.

so anyways.. anyone wanting to lose/gain weight out there.. check out www.fitday.com.. even if you want to just monitor healthy eating.. :)


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