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Sunday, December 04, 2005

I got my nephew Sean a job at Party Packagers on Friday.. what a hassle that was. Sean doesn't have a SIN # so Tuesday morning I drive my sister downtown in the rain an early morning traffic cause she lost his Birth Cert an we need that first.. ya tell me about it.. she loses everything too! so were driving and I realize.. where the heck am I going?

Carrie: where is this place.? where am I going?
Jill: I dunno
Carrie: what do you mean you don't know?
Jill: I dunno, I thought you knew
Carrie: your kidding me right
Jill: no, I dunno where it is.. its Mcdonald block or something

so I finally stop on front street in front of some hotel an get my sister to ask the door man standing outside.. he is clueless..then I get my sister to call my mom.. so my mom isn't sure an starts looking it up on map of TO.. while waiting.. my sister starts calling out to some bum on the street.. who then comes over.. I start laughing "are you serious" he comes over sticking his head in the car with his wandering cracked out eyes an missing teeth smile.. and my sister asks.. "where can I get a birth certificate.? Do you know where Mcdonald block is?" I am thinking get this guy away from my car....however my sister was high on a pill herself so it was all interesting. The bum hanging on to his beat up 70's 10speed bike in one hand an scratching his head with the other starts giving us directions to turn around, while my mother is yelling through the cell phone "Jill you there?"

I felt sorry for the bum and gave him a toonie for standing in the rain an giving us the correct directions.. I felt bad for underestimating his knowledge, but then again hes a bum they normally do know the city streets well. I should have gave him $5

After all that.. my sister found Seans Birth Cert later that night. Too bad my sister doesn't know how to use the computer.. she would have one funny crazy blog if she could.

This is gonna be so fun.. I am gonna take him out for lunches.. an bring him home for lunchies.. an be an auntie at work and unprofessional like that. we be bondin..


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