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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Yesterday through all the other mess.. my "PostSecret" and "Fuck This Book" book arrived in the mail. I sat down before bed thinking I will just skim through the PostSecret book.. however I couldn't put it down. An hour and a half later I sat sad thinking "So many others share the same things I feel, I wouldn't even need to send a post in". Some secrets actually brought tears to my eyes. Maybe its because I know these are real people and I could just feel some of there pain. One of the PostSecrets was written in different colored crayons saying "I love only one of my children" I thought "Wow, I wonder if this person treats their other children different," one would only think. another person sent in a picture of two lil girls sitting beside each other saying "My sister and I explored each other sexually as children. As the older girl I feel guilty that I may have molested her." Another one that made me so sad, cause I know this will be me one day.. "I smile and pretend to sympathize with my friends who are always fighting with their mothers... I would give my left arm just to have my mother alive to fight with." Maybe I am just really emotional, and my heart is really big for everything in this world, but this book is the best book I have ever bought. It touched all my emotions.


Blogger Rach said...


Somehow the universe has put us in touch. I lost my mother to cancer when I was 13.

I can't wait to get the post secret book, I sent one in.

9:34 PM  

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