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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

*WARNING! this blog might be too much info - don't say you were not warned.

Dominiku says: i need to pee brb :)
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: lol
Dominiku says: back
Dominiku says: man
Dominiku says: i dont drink enough water
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: why is that
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: i think i drink too much
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: im on the toilet all day!
Dominiku says: yeah i need to do that
Dominiku says: when your pee is yellow
Dominiku says: it's not good
Dominiku says: i need mine like a clear
Dominiku says: wash those toxins out
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: yeah mine is neon yellow.. cause I take vitamin pills
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: you know whats weird... pee is suppose to be clear.. but how come when you take vitamin an mineral pills its neon yellow??
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: i dont get it
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: if you have very dark pee.. that is bad too
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: thats like the worst
Dominiku says: i know
Dominiku says: it's neon yellow cause you are pissing out the nutrients taht you body has too much of
Dominiku says: oh yeah
Dominiku says: that reminsd me i took a vitamin pill
Dominiku says: thats why my pee is yellow
Dominiku says: i forgot
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: yeah i know that.. but it still makes no sense..
Dominiku says: what?
Dominiku says: it makes perfect
Dominiku says: sense
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: cause how is healthy pee light.. .. and yellow pee is bad.. if thats nutrients an vitamins..etc.. shouldn't it be that light pee is bad cause its tell you .. you have no vitamins/minerals
Dominiku says: the neon yellow pee?
Dominiku says: pee light just means you are pissing out water
Dominiku says: essentially
Dominiku says: nothing is travelling out
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: yeah.. just water..
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: so that means nothing good is going in i guess
Dominiku says: in?
Dominiku says: dude
Dominiku says: pee is a waste system
Dominiku says: you mean going out
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: i know ..
Dominiku says: right?
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: i know its a waste system.. i mean nothing good is going in our tummies.. if our pee is not yellow
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: didnt we say at the start of this convo.. that yellow pee is bad?
Dominiku says: strong yellow pee is bad
Dominiku says: means that you are dehydrated
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: yes.. dark yellow pee
Dominiku says: your pee is super strong with whatever you ate or drank
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: then you need more water girl... drink up!
Dominiku says: if you take a vitamin, your pee is super concentrated with vitamins
Dominiku says: but the vitamins leaving your body are the ones your body can't do anything about hence it's not keeping it
Dominiku says: neon yellow with a multivitamin right?
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: yeah .. half of it is all waste coming out.. cause your body doesn't need all that.. I know
Dominiku says: yeah of course i have water by my desk
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: I love that we talk about everything!
Dominiku says: lol
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: :P
Dominiku says: let's talk about poo not
Dominiku says: LOL
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: lol
٠ мıѕѕс ٠ says: NAUGHT!!!!


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