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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Fleetwood Mac Concert 5

As we were driving downtown for my moms surprise.. She was being all pouty and didnt want to play the guessing game.. of where we were going. It was still fun tho.. cause I would give her random hints and 5mins later she would blurt out an idea. After parking the car and walking to Union station she started to guess "Who is here.. are we picking someone up?" Nope.. Keep walking.. Then we stopped infront of the entrance doors to the ACC inside Union station.. and mom yelled out with her arms going.. "FLEETWOOD MAC!!!" only because she had read the paper during the day to see what was happening in the city to get an idea of maybe.. just maybe where her surprise night was. I love doing surprises!!

Fleetwood Mac Concert 6
Fleetwood Mac Concert 4

My mom and I have never went to a real concert together. Theater an stuff yes.. but not a rock concert, so I was a little nervous of how she would take it all in! It was her first time in the ACC and was a little overwhelming for her at first. She felt dizzy as we walked up the stairs to enter the stadium to find our seats.. but she settled in better then I expected.

Fleetwood Mac Concert 3

Classic things my mom said during the show to me;
"Someone is smoking a big fat joint, I can smell it!"
"Who do you think is a better guitar player, this guy or the edge? I think this guy Lindsay is"
"I think this guitar player is kinda cute, I want a souvenir of him"
"Your dad would be jealous to know I was at this concert"
"30 years ago I was making you to this music, now I am sitting here at their concert with you, I can't believe this!"

Fleetwood Mac Concert 2
cn tower st pattys day 1

Green CN Tower for St. Pattys Day! :)

Classic comment made by street beggar as we were walking by... "Twins!" .... we were laughing sooo hard.. mom said just for that laugh he gets $2!


Anonymous lkwinter said...

your mom is the luckiest person on the planet because she has you in her life.

I LOVE LOVe fleetwood mac!

4:21 PM  
Anonymous Kerly said...


10:50 AM  
Blogger Kendracula Spectacular said...

Awwww your mom looks so excited, I was at the concert and it was AMAZING! and about 7 people around us got kicked out for smoking the wacky tabbac... hilarious!

3:09 PM  

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