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Friday, July 10, 2009

blog goes on the back burner. life has been busy.. exciting.. depressing.. complexed.. non-stop.. an I have had a headache for two days. but I'm not complaining.

beach weekend 01
beach weekend 07

Nothing is major new (thats a lie). working. sleeping. eating.. repeat. repeat. I did get out of the city last weekend which was awesome. Also got hooked on boccee ball. geez and I just said nothing is new. Ok so there are some new things going on. I went to the Lady Gaga & New Kids concert a couple of weeks ago! that was a really good weekend.. even squeezed Bingo in there.

beach weekend 02
beach weekend 04
beach weekend 05
beach weekend 06
beach weekend 08

Wait.. I'm looking on my camera an I have been doing lots of things.. totally forgot about school in there for gum paste flowers. I was also in the Bonnie Gordon Cake show too. Even tho I am a newbie I thought what the hell an entered. It gave me a ton of new ideas.. and was just over all a great experience.


Not sure if I am going to do square foot this year.. like I had set out too. I just feel brain dead and haven't started. There is less then a month now to go before admissions have to be in and all I have done is just bought the canvas. perhaps I will enter the the fall one in Collingwood.

misplaced kitty
my brother adopted this cute misplaced abused kitty.. soo cute.. and afraid. :(

This summer so far has just sucked the big ones.. I honestly can't wait for winter and hibernation.


Anonymous lkwinter said...

uhm, hello

: )

2:06 AM  
Anonymous Paul Sveda said...

Hey Bear!

Glad to see you are doing alright. Cakes look great by the way.

8:04 AM  
Blogger tony said...

i would totally eat that canada cake

3:54 AM  

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