clinic time

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Clinics aren't for multiple issues!!..

la de da...

Dee: "Oh hell NOOO your not taking pictures are you?"

Missc: "Oh hell YEAH I am.. dude I am so bored. Your lucky we aren't waiting at the hospital"
"Omg did you just hear the doctors English.. its Engrish!!

Dee: "Yes.. what was that? Did you just get my gang clinic hand finger sign?"

hmm... ?

still bored..

Dee: "Take a picture of this thing.. "
Missc: "Dude its a light.. lets not even go there and its purpose.."

Gross you think they would clean the floor.. ok enough pictures of clinic time.


Blogger Vociferous Beauty said...

You're such a loser---I can't believe you posted these...
wait---yes I can....that's why I came to check out the blog!!

You shoulda just recorded the Dr.
He was the highlight of the visit.

"I have problem. I don't remember beautiful girls....!"
*"Wow, yes that's a Problem!!"
"I KNOW!!"

"...well I'm going on Vacation..."

"I know leetle of this...very leetle! Vait here..."

"Oh? Ooookay den. This is good. Pearfect...come..."

11:39 PM  
Blogger missc said...

hahah.. dude.. i need to get my blog on ... my life is non exciting now. i work sleep an bake cakes.. LOL

what was i suppose to do.. put the camera in the doctors face.. hold it undercover under my coat.. he was two feet away.. i can't record him.. plus he kept staring at us.. cause he don't remember beautiful girls.. LOL

he was pure jokes with his broken down english.. Oh an his nose hair.. that was some sexy stuff!!

10:36 AM  
Anonymous lkwinter said...

that floor looks like there might be hamster running around doin its thang..

I hadn't known about what you went through with your mom, and I'm so glad things turned out good, you guys look so happy together. Now that she's made it this far I'm willing to bet it won't come back.

2:16 AM  

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