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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Remember that scene in Wayne's World, I know you do! cause we have all seen that movie. The scene where Wayne walks out the backstage door an he rants.. "What the hell's going on? I lost my show, I lost my best friend, I lost my girl. I'm being shit on, that's all, shit on, and you know what really pisses me off--" That was my life in July! all that and plus!

Now it is August.. I am currently sick with a head cold. It's fun times in the summer. I had tickets to the Jersey Boys this past weekend.. and lets just say I was "THAT GIRL" what girl would that be you ask? the one who was coughing through the entire performance. The one that people were annoyed with.. the one that made people want to get there money back.. The one that people wished stayed home an got a refund if they were that sick!.. HAHA.

Working on caking.. Got a big one for September.. very excited an nervous.. hope it is loved like this July cake was adored, protected.. and devoured!


I have a new interest.. Clouds. With all the storms and unpredictable weather this past year I have just fallen in love with taking pictures of clouds. Don't ask me why. They hypnotize me. They make me day dream. And some day dreams can turn into reality...


Anonymous lkwinter said...


thumbs up, nice smile (with lucky guy), cake for ryan, and clouds.

weird pattern, I give up.

Or maybe your interests have drastically changed from people to animate objects that morph in shape with the wind.

I give up again, but I adore clouds, especially when the sun hits them at sunset.

I don't think i've said this enough, but u = awesome. :)

2:34 AM  

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