five day frenzy

Friday, July 09, 2010

Jaggid was looking better at lunch today, even got food into him with a syringe an a little force. He was purring like crazy an had no interest in the back of his cage.

However all the excitement of him possibly coming home this weekend an him eating without bringing it up quickly died at 5pm when the vet called an said his health has taken a turn an he was bringing up his food again. This shouldn't be happening with the meds he's on. The doctor I have been dealing with all week brought a surgeon doctor in to talk to me about putting a scope down his throat an possible surgery! Jaggid is worse then we thought. :( I'm so broken over this week... I spent an hour with jaggid tonight! He was purring like crazy an then the gagging motions again like something was stuck in his throat...

How far do you go for your pet? Your friend? What's the limit? I am now past what was my bill limit on Monday... Mom an I aren't seeing eye to eye. I just can't make that call of putting him down an giving up :(


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