sick spazzing day 4

Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Vet called me in this morning.. HELL I TELL YOU, SICK BLOODY HELL OF WORRY!! I was there at 7am. I took a tshirt of mine for him to have my scent in his cage with him, I'm hoping it will comfort him since he's stressed. Probably thinks I have abandoned him. His condition is the same as yesterday. The vet asked me to try an feed him since he won't eat. I tried a little on my finger an dabbed it on his nose.. but with no luck, since his gag reflex won't settle down. He then turned away from me an stuck his head to the back of the cage. He hates me so much right now :(

For my lunch break I headed back to the hospital for attempt number two at feeding Jag. I found him curled up on my tshirt in a plastic box bed. He didn't really respond to me tho, turned his head twice when I called his name an scratched behind his ear. When I tried to feed him, he put his back to me again. I got kinda pissy with the doctor since the first 12hrs there was improvement an the last 72hrs there's been no change an he seems worse, what can we do? change? test? so they are going to look at his kidneys again an pancreas.

I can't have children, I would be a spazz of a worry mommy! I can't stress anymore how heartbroken I feel. I feel like when I break up with a boyfriend almost... no desire to eat, can't sleep and waiting by the phone!.. in other words the upset diet!


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