AA = August Awesomeness!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I was sick last week.. an have been uber doober busy wrapping up the summa .. but heres some photos from my awesome august! and a few stories :)

Mags Bachelorette @ Maro
All the dudes up in this club were wearing plaid shirts, had bald heads and danced some walking weird dance! Fun times!

Movie Industry Event
Our Vball team loses every year! but we look great doing it!

Weird things in our loot bags! nothing really swag about it! LOL

we got our bingo on! I won two rounds of loot! w00t! w00t!

Leah Prayed for a bigscreen an got nothing!

Tears for Fears Weekend!

I got pulled over by the cops for of course speeding on the way to the Tears for Fears concert.. I think this is my fourth or fifth ticket now.. I know I know.. not good.. pfft.. actually you know I wasn't even going that fast.. I was going 120! but it was a 90 zone after Barrie.. so double pfftt. the convo went like this with the cop!

Cop: I pulled you over because you were doing 120 in a 90
Carrie: Yeah I know
Cop: May I have your license, registration and insurance please
*hand cop license.. looking for registration and I don't have insurance on me*
Cop: Do you live in Mississauga?
Carrie: Ahhhhhh
Cop: Ahhhhhh

I blanked out! thank god he was semi nice an didn't ticket me for no insurance papers.

we went shopping at wal-mart at 3am.. it was awesome! we ran that store!

*some photos taken by Giusi! :) Thanks again for amazing Tears for Fears weekend!


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