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Saturday, August 14, 2010

This time last weekend the oven was hot and spitting out cupcakes by the dozens for the day! I baked my buns off to raise money for The Weekend to End Women's Cancers and I raised just a lil over $500! thanks to my co-workers for buying boxes of cupcakes and other sweet treats from me! I am about $400 shy of my $2000 goal! and the walk is now less then a month away! I am super charged and can't wait!

Sooo some lil cupcakes didn't make it in the process. I baked over 200 cupcakes Saturday, mom and I had used up all the counter space, fridge top, dining room table etc.. with cupcakes.. we had about 80 or so left that needed a place to crash for the night. Mom suggested back in the oven once cooled down. We covered them with paper towel an back in they went for the night. Next morning someone decides to preheat the oven for a few more baked items forgetting the cupcakes were taking shelter in the oven for the night.. about 20mins later I smell something burning.. "OMG THE CUPCAKES" they were smoking the ones in the back! we are so lucky the paper towel didn't catch on fire. I burst into laughter pulling them out thankful there was no fire, however mom looked as if she wanted to cry! "how can you be laughing at this Carrie!" "whatta ya gonna do mom, its funny.. have a burny, I am sure they got a great smokey taste!" then she started laughing.


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